The Lounge Studio

12 Cody Road

East London

E16 4SR

The Lounge Studio

12 Cody Road, E16 4SR



All payments are non-refundable. To reschedule we require at least 48 hours notice or there will be a cancellation charge of £40.

CAPACITY: 10 - Capacity means this includes your team (including Photographer, Hair & Makeup, Models etc.). Due to health and safety regulations any additional people turning up will be asked to leave the premises immediately or your booking will be terminated with immediate effect with NO REFUND OR RESCHEDULING.

Please keep noise levels respectable and be considerate to neighbours and adjoining businesses. Do not interrupt surrounding businesses by knocking on their door or entering their space.

Lateness of more than 30 minutes with no prior warning off lateness will be considered as no show and your booking will be automatically cancelled with NO REFUND or RESCHEDULING.


The person booking the studio is expected to be present on time to sign a contract; we cannot allow your team into the studio without the person/s responsible for booking being present.

The client must include set up and take down time within the hours booked, to avoid overtime charges.

Please do not enter studio before your time booked as you may interfere with another session. Please wait in the communal area.

It may not always be possible to go overtime due to other bookings but when available payment is expected upfront (overtime charge: £40 per hour). If require overtime it must be requested at least 15 minuets before the end of your session. Payment is to be made via Credit / Debit Card you will not be able to continue until payment is made.

Please do not crease or rip backdrops. We expect backdrop rolls to be in a reusable condition at the end of end of each session, if soiled you will incur a £15.00 per meter charge on backdrops. Payment is to be made via Credit / Debit Card on the day by our online payment terminal.

The client hiring the studio is responsible for all breakages or damages caused to the studio or equipment by him/her, or any other person during the use of the studio. The Lounge Studio supplies services and equipment entirely at the risk of the client. The client shall pay any costs/fines if there are any breakages or damages.

We do allow eating and drinking however under no circumstances should any food or beverages be on the backdrops or in the cove. NO Alcohol or drugs are to be consumed within the studio or premises. Failure to comply will be an immediate termination of your hire session with NO refund OR rescheduling.

If the cove is left dirty and unusable for the next clients there will be a £80 repaint fee.

Once your session is finished please sign out at reception and leave the premises. Do not shoot or wait in any communal spaces (this includes the upstairs & downstairs space, outside communal space & Pizza Bar).

By booking online means you agree to all terms and conditions. You will also have to sign a contract on the day of your hire session, which we will also send you, a copy of via email. If any of our Terms and Conditions are broken your session will be terminated with immediate effect with NO refund OR rescheduling.