All equipment inclusive with all hires.

2 x 150w continous umbrella lighting

2 x 60cm x 80cm rectangle softboxes

2 x 60cm x 80cm rectangle honeycomb

90cm Hexadecagon deep softbox

2 x small octagon softboxes

47.7inch octagon softbox

20x90cm softbox with honeycomb

130cm parabolic umbrella

130cm parabolic umbrella diffuser

117cm silver/white umbrella

152cm white umbrella

2 x white umbrellas

2 x black umbrellas (silver interior)

42cm beauty dish

42cm beauty dish honeycomb grid

42cm beauty dish diffuser

70cm beauty dish

Snoot with colour gels

Colour Gels

2x Polyboards + stands

Tri-flector (silver & sunfire panels)

Tri-flector stand / arms

Small round 5in1 reflector

Reflector arm

2 heavy duty C-stands

Heavy duty stand & boom arm

2 x boom stands

Laptop stand


2x wooden stools

Please note our tethering station is exclusive to our in-house Photographers and is not included in hires.

The Lounge Studio

12 Cody Road

East London

E16 4SR